Success Starts Here: Pre-Construction Prowess


Success Starts Here: Pre-Construction Prowess

Setting the Stage

Your project is more than swinging hammers and pouring concrete. Planning every detail before a shovel is turned puts your project on the path to success. MCP is the partner that shows you that path.

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MCP’s Pre-Construction services add value before a shovel hits the dirt. Site selection, value-focused design, scheduling that aligns with capabilities and goals are just the start. MCP also brings detailed estimating that goes beyond analyzing our historical cost data and incorporates future market and labor conditions. When you layer in constructability reviews for efficiency and value, you have a formula for a winning project.

Site Selection

Where you build is as important as what you build. As your advocate in preconstruction, we will help you check soil conditions, verify regulatory and zoning requirements, and ensure feasibility of a selected site.

Target Value Design

MCP works with our client and design team to establish the overall project budget during the conceptual design. We provide our estimating services in conjunction with the different design phases. This provides reassurance that the design is continuously in alignment with the budget. By working hand in hand with the design team as well as our clients, we enable them to make informed decisions on valued design elements.

Project Scheduling

Supply chain constraints and labor shortages have impacted construction schedules across the country. MCP brings experience and expertise with phasing the design, bidding, and construction of their projects. Our approach allows our clients opportunities to fast-track their projects and not allow supply chain issues to impact our construction completion dates.

Construction Cost Estimating

As construction costs continue to be very volatile, it has never been more critical for a design team to be working with an accurate budget. At MCP, we pride ourselves with creating detailed estimates that correctly represent the design. We work with the design team on our assumptions for certain design components that aren’t fully detailed. We use our Planswift estimating software for our material take-offs and input our quantities into our Timberline estimating software to generate our detailed estimate reports. We also utilize our subcontractor and supplier relationships along with their cost estimating expertise to supplement our estimates.

Constructability Reviews

As a construction manager, we bring valuable construction thinking and know-how to the design process. Working collaboratively with the design team, we use a combination of our knowledge and our subcontractor’s expertise and experience to ensure that designs are buildable and efficient. We aim to avoid future costly delays, lead time issues, and redesign work as the design and construction progresses.

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