Construction Management

Expert Construction Management Solutions Unleashed

Construction Management

Expert Construction Management Solutions Unleashed

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Chances are you aren’t an expert on construction projects, nor should you be. That’s why you have us. Large or small, MCP is here to guide your project to the finish line with effective CM services.

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Construction Management


MCP specializes in comprehensive project services, covering planning, preconstruction, construction, and post-occupancy. Our primary goal, regardless of the project delivery method, is to deliver optimal value within the budget.

Our extensive project portfolio spans from minor tenant improvements to major new constructions, showcasing expertise across various commercial construction domains. Recognizing the inherent risks in construction projects, particularly for owners who may lack experience, we understand that many initiate the design phase with just an architect.

Typically, an architect forms a design team, including civil, structural, and MEP engineers. The project design is often based on the owner’s budget. After completing the design, the architect sends bid documents to general contractors who submit bids. However, this approach places all the risk on the owner, from uncertainty about the “low bid” contractor to unpredictable construction costs.

To mitigate these risks, both architects and owners can enhance project outcomes by involving a Construction Manager (CM) early in the planning process.

Construction Manager as Agent

In the Agency delivery method, MCP and the architect serve as distinct owner’s agents with defined roles. Acting as your construction advisor and legal advocate, we guide you through the design and construction process. In the multiple prime contracting method, the owner manages subcontracts, while MCP provides project management and supervision for seamless coordination among subcontractors, ensuring successful project completion.

While MCP, as your CM as Agent, doesn’t bear financial responsibility for the final cost, we boast a 97% success rate in completing projects under budget, delivering significant savings. Our high success rate as a CM (Agent or At-Risk) demonstrates effective management of trade contractors in complex projects, consistently achieving on-time completion.

97% of our Agency CM projects have returned significant savings to our clients in unspent construction contingency and unspent general condition dollars.

Construction Manager at Risk

As the CM at Risk, the primary distinction in terms of your relationship with MCP is that we manage the subcontracts and provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) to our client. However, our role as your CM remains consistent – we collaborate with you and the design team from planning and pre-construction through construction. Unlike some CMs that shift into a more consultant-like role during planning and pre-construction and then act as General Contractors during construction, MCP maintains a collaborative approach throughout. This ensures a more cooperative relationship with clients, in contrast to the potentially adversarial nature often associated with General Contractors.


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Owner’s Representative

As an Owners’s Representative, MCP plays a crucial role in the construction process by representing the interests of the project owner throughout the entire construction process. The primary goal is to ensure that the owner’s vision and objectives are achieved in terms of quality, budget, and schedule.

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