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Whatever level of expertise an owner may have, adding MCP to the team enhances and reinforces the strengths of their existing staff.


As an Owners Representative, Midwest Construction Professionals can be an effective owner intermediary to you on any project or program.  As an owner, your decision to partner with MCP adds an experienced construction expert on your team.  Whatever level of expertise an owner may have, adding MCP to the team enhances and reinforces the strengths of their existing staff.

In addition to our team offering Certified Construction Management credentials, we provide the owner with specialized knowledge, experience, and resources to navigate through the complexities of the design and construction.  We serve as an independent agent for our clients, customizing our services to most cost effectively meet the client’s needs on each project.

MCP has the resources, experience, historical cost data, and sub-contractor relationships to develop detailed cost estimates at each design submittal during the pre-construction phase.  Effective cost management involves the establishment of a realistic project budget that is within the owner’s cost limitations.  MCP offers the assurance and guidance that the project is planned, designed, procured, and constructed in the most economical way while maintaining the original project requirements.

The cost savings alone that we provide for our clients during the pre-construction phase are invaluable and usually more than pay for our services throughout the entire project.  Our services have already proven to save our clients millions of dollars along the way.

By involving Midwest from the earliest stages of your project, you maximize your chances to achieve a smooth and trouble-free design and construction process and get a completed facility that meets your needs and wants.  Do not hesitate to contact us and learn more about our Owners Representative services on your next project.  Whether you have a $100,000 renovation project or a $100 million capital improvement project, we can provide you effective and independent Owners Representative services on your next project.

We strongly believe that whatever delivery method you select as the owner, you need Midwest Construction Professionals as your Owners Representative to ensure the success of your project.




Barry Lepatner, author of “Broken Buildings, Busted Budgets”, wrote the following:

“The lack of effective owner intermediaries with construction experience has plagued the construction industries for years. Many companies have become immune to the fact that their construction project will result in serious cost overruns and schedule delays. Executives of major corporations, leaders of public institutions, and many other private owners are routinely held hostage during their construction project to pay up or face even greater costs and delays. It is very common that corporate executives who retain business advisors and consultants to oversee and coordinate every phase of their daily business activities, readily cede control to a general contractor or a large construction manager with an obvious conflict of interest in managing their construction project.”

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