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Midwest Construction Professionals has proven effective regardless of the selected delivery method and we would like to be on your team to help you with that decision.

How the project will be designed and constructed, or the project delivery method, is one of the most important decisions made by every owner planning a construction project.  With a variety of delivery methods in use today across the design and construction industry, it is possible to customize a delivery method that best meets the unique needs of each owner and project.

Each delivery method carries a different level of risk for the owner and none of these delivery methods is the right choice for every project. The owner needs to carefully assess its particular project requirements, goals, and potential challenges and find the delivery method that offers the best opportunity for success.

Delivery Methods

Midwest Construction Professionals can build your project using any of the following delivery methods:

  • At-Risk Construction Management
  • Multiple-Prime Contracting
  • Integrated Project Delivery
  • Design-Build
  • Design-Bid-Build (General Contracting)

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